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Izhevsk is the winner of best municipal practices

Since 2017, the Russian contest ‘Best Municipal Practice’ has been held in Russia. It aims to summarize and spread the most successful experiences of municipal management, to create an additional stimulus for the socio-economic development of municipalities.

This year, four nominations were presented in the competition: urban planning policy, effective feedback from residents of municipalities, strengthening of international peace and economic policy.

The capital of the Udmurt Republic presented its municipal practice in strengthening international peace. Izhevsk was recognized as the best in the implementation of national policies at the municipal level among 168 applications from 58 regions. For the victory in the competition, Izhevsk will receive a grant of 3.8 million rubles.


More than 130 nationalities live in the city of Izhevsk: Russians, Udmurts, Tatars, Bashkir, Mari, Chuvashi and other nationalities.

In Izhevsk, there is a programme ‘Harmonization of Interethnic Relations and Participation in the Prevention of Terrorism and Extremism’ of the municipal programme ‘Safe City’ for 2015-2020’, an Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategy of the State National Policy of the Russian Federation for the period until 2025 on the territory of Izhevsk. Since 2014, the Consultative Council of Interethnic and Interfaith Relations under the Head of the City of Izhevsk is working on intercultural and interethnic issues.

The number of children studying mother tongues in schools is more than 2 thousand people. Almost 1900 children study it in kindergartens.

In all the educational institutions, urban projects are being implemented aiming at promoting tolerance, such as: ‘School of tolerance’, ‘The entire planet is a warm home’, ‘Formation of tolerant consciousness’, ‘Ecology of personality’, ‘Sources of revival’, ‘A world in which we live’ and other ethnographic festivals and games.

Municipal cultural and leisure institutions: the Central House of Culture ‘Russian House’, Vostochny Palace of Culture, DNT ‘Spartak’, the Children's House of Culture ‘Izhstal’ carry out a variety of events dedicated to the study of the culture of other nationalities, which have a positive effect on the attitude of citizens to the culture of their own and others people.

Libraries successfully implement the program ‘The Library is the Territory of the World’, the purpose of which is the development of intercultural interaction, the formation of a tolerant attitude towards cultures of different nations: Mother tongue days, Days of Slavic writing, Total dictation, Tatar dictation, Ethnographic dictation, etc.

Every year since 2015, as part of the development of the brand ‘Udmurtia – the homeland of dumplings’, the festival ‘World Dumpling Day’ is held in Izhevsk.

The innovative forms of preservation of historical and cultural heritage and local history work are the projects implemented on the Internet: the project ‘Virtual Interactive Museum’ Every Person is the Golden Fund of Russia’ and the Wiki-encyclopedia ‘Multinational Izhevsk’.

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