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This year marks 20 years of friendship between the twin cities of Yambol and Izhevsk

In the middle of January, two exhibitions of artists from Izhevsk - “Russian North” by Alexander Kokorin and “My Impressions” by Tatyana Pachgina opened in the National Library “Consent 1862” of the Bulgarian city Yambol.

Residents of Yambol have the opportunity to see unique paintings of Professor Alexander Kokorin, painted in oil (petroleum). The artist Tatyana Pachgina, who has been living in Bulgaria for 6 years, works in the technique of oil painting and shows her view on this country.

This is the third international exhibition organized by the Izhevsk art gallery «La boheme artistique» with the support of the Administration of the city of Yambol. The first exhibition was held in October 2018 in the city Burgas, second - in December 2018 in Sofia in the Russian information and cultural center.

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